If you are looking to buy a property, Tristars Land Consultants are here for you. We make note of all your requirements and then find a property that fits in the criteria. Although our specialization lies in all kinds of vacant land, we also offer help in finding the perfect home for you.

All kinds of property and tracts ranging from a small ground to multiple acres, form a part of our portfolio.

  • We provide up-to-date maps and related information about the property
  • We arrange property tours so that you can see the property yourself before investing any money
  • We believe in team-work while finding the perfect property for you
  • We offer you to make use of our years of experience in the buying and negotiating process

We someone who has worked in this field for many years, we can also connect you with other professionals involved in.

  • Surveying
  • Testing
  • Inspection and Building, so that all your aims are fulfilled.


Whatever budget you have, we have a property for you. We offer a holistic pack of services to suit the needs of buyers. Our most basic package includes property evaluation and listing recommendations.

  • Our official company website will feature your property
  • We also promote your property at many other real estate related websites
  • We run advertisements in a number of well known real estate magazines
  • We guide you throughout the buying and negotiation process
  • We have a regular attendance at many real estate and home shows in Chennai
  • We arrange one on one interactions with the customers about your property, present the original photos of your property along with high quality colored brochures.


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