Food market of India is relatively unexplored and has the potential to rule the world.

In an agrarian country like ours, there is a constant demand for agriculture farm land. Tristar is a well known farming company in the state of Tamil Nadu. The company holds years of experience in farming, which includes farm land development and agriculture. Currently, we own 10 acres of farm land in the state and are in the process of acquiring another 30 acres. We offer the individual investors/farm owners an option to buy good quality land measuring from one acre to five acres. We can also enter an agreement with the owners and manage and operate their farms. Tamil Nadu currently has one of the biggest farm lands in the country that aren’t farmed using state of the art techniques, which affects the overall farm production.

India’s food industry, if completely explored, has the potential to overtake the IT industry.

India’s agricultural might is renowned in the entire world. The following are some staggering facts about India’s agricultural sector :

  • India is currently the second largest producer of fruits and vegetables and third largest producer of food grains in the world.
  • Agriculture contributes close to 24% to the national GDP and nearly two thirds of the working population depends on it.
  • Close to 12% of the global arable land lies in India.
  • India is the top milk producer in the world and has the largest number of livestock.

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Despite its aggressive growth over the past decade or so, the Indian economy remains predominantly agricultural.

The farmers growing rice in the state of Tamil Nadu are used to issues such as water scarcity. With a grain yield of 8 to 14.2 ton per hectare, the state ranks 12th in the overall rice production in the country.

Ponvayal, located at 55 km from Tambaram, Chennai is striving to establish itself as the top producer of agricultural commodities such as rice. This has become possible due to the expert business plan formulated by Mr. George Peter Raj and his team.

Ponvayal’s unparalleled success story is driven by Three key factors :

  1. Strict financial discipline
  2. Striving to achieve the highest concentration levels of the farming industry
  3. Realizing that a profitable business could only be possible with a 100% customer satisfaction

A number of farmers in the state are too old to take care of their land themselves after their children shifted to cities for work. Tristar purchases their land at a healthy rate and pools it to be utilized for the Ponvayal schemes. Before any land is purchased, Tristar verifies the land records, the sizing and history and the family tree associated with the land for the revenue record, before making any transaction.

While title risks are a common phenomenon in the Urban lands, it isn’t the case in Agricultural lands, since the laws governing the urban land ceiling are different from those of the Agricultural land rules. Most agricultural title disputes are associated with family distribution. Over the last 100 years, the Agricultural land title process hasn’t changed much. Since most states keep computerized records these days, the only background checks required are that of the family tree and the history. We make sure to validate these facts by the local authorities and our trusted lawyers before we make any transactions.