Property management

Owning a property is important; but keeping the property safe and salable is paramount important. In modern way of living, when families are becoming nuclear people face innumerable problems starting from documentation to procurement or sale and from housekeeping to keeping the properties safe! We offer solutions to all your requirements under one umbrella.
Tristar Housing and Developments is a leading Realtor offering its professional services keeping high standards in quality and integrity. We have a long standing in providing service in the field and are richly experienced in all segments of the trade and practices. The Company is in a position to offer services in spectrum of portfolios, not limited to but including the following:


This is the basic requirement for owning a property and all the rest following. Documentation does not begin and end with registration alone and one cannot feel safe thereafter. There are many follow up actions to be done including periodical updating of EC, market value, market trend, Changes in law for registration, Patta, and especially payment of taxes without default etc. Certain procedures are complex in nature which warrants expert services from professionals. Tristar is well exposed to any type of documentation, registration, statutory obligations, scripting and all documentation works related to properties, including professional rectification.



Plot safety:

A vacant plot at the heart of the city or that is away from the outer periphery is prone to invite the attention of miscreants and antisocial, unless it is visibly protected and frequently visited. For the owners who are away from the property and those of NRIs, it is simply not possible to enforce protection or visits. Tristar offers a solution to the safety aspect of your property. Your plot is under the safe custody when the maintenance is looked after by Tristar.

Plot Maintenance and housekeeping:

An unattended property is the joy for a intruder. A plot left for itself has the potential of drawing everything that is bad in law. Tristar has a workable solution to the complex issue. Our team shall make frequent and periodical visits to the property and keep the area fairly clean. We will even plant trees and maintain them for a good growing. We shall mend the fencing and make it giving a pleasing look, proclaiming that ‘This plot is under watch’.



Caretaking constructed property:

Any constructed property either flat or independent house for residential or commercial use needs as much care as that for a vacant plot or even more. When the property is rented, constant and frequent visits by either the owner or the representative, is highly required and recommended. We have to monitor whether the property is used for the purpose for which it was rented out or the hirer has sublet to another etc. Another factor that requires close watch is the up keep of the flat/building.

Services for constructed property:

As the properties are constantly being used, the wear and tear has to be addressed then and there. Or else it may lead to major repairs later. Tristar undertakes all works for the proper up keep of the premises including plumbing, electrical, sanitary, carpentry, masonry etc at reasonable cost and time line delivery. Tristar takes care of all other obligations including payment of water& property tax, Electricity bills, maintenance charges in the case of flats, collection of rent and forwarding to the owner etc. We will act owning responsibility.



Planned visits:

Although we take care of the safety of your property, we strongly recommend that the owner or their representative visited the property and assess the situation and get satisfied with the upkeep. All queries on the property, its surroundings, the market trends etc should be got cleared. We will have the pleasure of arranging your visit to site and back.

Tristar has a dedicated team who are well connected with Government and private agencies and they can skillfully and amicably resolve all issues with expertise touch.

In a nutshell

  • We will ensure safety of your property from encroachments or misusing.
  • We will arrange to pay taxes without a miss.
  • We will keep you informed the latest market trend and developments around and advise you for sale or buying.
  • We will provide ‘two minutes’ video presentation on the condition of the site, flat or building.
  • What more you need, we are here to provide.
  • We provide spectrum of service under one umbrella.
  • We will be your eyes and ears in your absence.
  • We ensure that the property is added value and in readily salable condition.