Tristar saves customer from documentation fraud

Outstanding Customer Experience

Recently, a senior citizen woman contacted us saying that she came to know about our company, Tristar, from her friends. Since her reliable sources considered us a trustworthy company, she decided to consult us about the property she was planning to buy.

The property was a two ground land with a small house. The documents were verified by the Bank authorities and they had agreed to grant a loan of 45 lakhs for the purchase of the property. She was going to sign the agreement with the sellers by paying Rs. 10 lakhs as advance and then initiating the process of the bank loan.

Just before signing the agreement, she wanted Tristar to check the property and give their earnest opinion.

We informed her that due to our other prior commitments, it will take us 3 days to give her our opinion. She got back to us saying that she wants to sign the agreement the next day. She was very persuasive and insisted Tristar to give her our opinion. Hence, we decided to help her and went through the documents given to us.

Upon verifying the documents, we identified that some of the documents submitted by the seller were forged documents. We also found some small discrepancies. Also, a few documents were missing. We informed the woman in detail and she was shocked.

We went to the Sub Registrar office and confirmed that the documents were forged. When she told this to the Bank authorities, they were left dumbstruck since their legal team had already cleared the documents of the property.

She didn’t proceed with the deal and paid us our nominal fee of Rs. 5000/-

Now, she is our regular customer/client.

“Education with right experience will give you the Best results.”

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