• “I am very grateful and thankful for your excellent ,honest, prompt and very genuine service. I feel proud and happy to have known such fine people and wish you and the company prosperity, Tristar is implementing TQM (Total Quality Management) practically while others only talk. You treat big customers and small customers with the same excellent service. I wish Tristar the very best in the years to come. I want to point out that your fee is low for a NRI.”

  • “I, highly recommend the services of Tristar Housing and Developments Pvt. Ltd., the real estate consultant for buying and selling properties in Tamil Nadu. For the last 10 years all my real estate deals are handled by them only. The quality of their work is exceptional. Each page of all documents is scrutinized thoroughly for preparing the route map, family tree and the genuineness of the documents. EC and Patta are also verified up to date for the correct ownership of the property. In some cases copies of the documents are taken from SRO and verified.

    We have to deal with four persons/agencies to purchase a land normally. First, the brokers/land dealers show the various lands available to the best of their knowledge and fix one land. Second, we have to approach the lawyer to get their legal opinion. Thirdly, a document writer needs to register the land in Sub Register office (SRO). Fourthly, a broker is needed to get the Patta, Chitta, Adangal for the land. Lastly, will be the property monitoring/maintenance. Whereas Tristar does all the work under one roof with competent people. Tristar can be crisply called as “ A to Z consultant.”

    I hope to work with Tristar on all my future real estate projects. They exceeded all my expectations and it was an absolute pleasure working with every member of the Tristar team.

    I would be happy to provide further information regarding the quality and effectiveness of Tristar services. I can be reached by email at < dselvaraj7@gmail.com >, phone 94443 90028.”

    General Manager (Chennai Petroleum Corporation Ltd., (Retd), Chennai
  • “I had the pleasure of reading the book “வீட்டை கட்டி பார்” written and published by George Peter Raj. I found the book extremely informative and even a common man can easily understand the documentation requirements of property deals in Tamil Nadu and get guided very well. Peter’s in-depth knowledge relating to government guidelines as well as their intricate/complex processes on real estate is really commendable.”

    Vice President (Retired) Royal Bank of Scotland
  • “I am very much pleased with my experience in working with Tristar and the relationship established working with them. Their expertise was very beneficial.

    I am from Sriviliputhur and joined in a renowned IT company in Chennai and got an opportunity to go to Australia in 2002. I wanted to buy Agriculture land in Srivilliputhur. Since I was in Australia at that time I wanted to appoint my father as Power of Attorney to purchase the land in my name. Tristar checked the document and given concurrence to buy, but Tristar told not to appoint anybody as Power of Attorney including my father to purchase the said land. They advised me if I am particular, appoint my father as Power of Attorney, only to purchase the said land (purchase power), not to appoint him as General Power of Attorney (giving all powers to him, including selling). But I did not listen to them and purchased and gave General Power to my father including selling the land.

    In 2010 when I returned to Srivilliputhur I was shocked to know that my father has registerd the land in my brother’s name.

    Now I lost my mental peace, property and close relatives. This all because of not taken the advise of Tristar in the right sense. Now I do all my real estate dealings as per their advice. I can confidently recommend Tristar would be glad to serve as a reference for the future.”

    Principal Consultant, Chennai