How to ensure ownership and safety of your land

Adangal :–

This contains details such as survey number, its tenants, the crop raised and its condition about each piece of land in a particular village. This document will be with VAO, and a copy would also be kept in the Taluk office. The Adangal records contain information such as

  • Survey number
  • Wise holdings
  • Extent of field
  • Duration of tenancy
  • Details of crop
  • Month and date of harvest
  • Approximate yield of crops
  • State on ground particulars

“A” Register :-

This Register contains all the land holding details such as:

  • Survey number and subdivision
  • Rayathuvari, Government, or Inaam

If the land is a Wet land or a Dry land, Rainfed, untaxed land or a Government owned land

  • Patta and name of the Owner
  • Extent of Land and Tax details

The land holding details (‘A’ Register) and land ownership details (PATTA) are master records. After buying the land, make sure that you get these documents transferred to your name.

FMB Sketch:-

FMB (Field Map Book) sketch shows how the land has been divided into various parts. It is a scale drawing of the survey numbers involved. This can also be obtained from the VAO. FMB sketch indicates the exact dimensions of the land which makes it one of the most important documents related to the land.

With the patta, adangal, chitta, FMB sketch and the stamped, registered document in your name, you can be absolutely sure that the legal ownership of the property belongs to you. It is better to see/ take copy of the EC for the property every year to confirm that there has not been any transaction on your land without your knowledge.

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