If your property in India is giving you sleepless nights, you have reached the perfect place. We offer varied real estate solutions while keeping the customers’ best interests in our mind.

A real estate consultant is a vital cog in the wheel. Here’s why :

  • If you are thinking of buying a property, you need to be sure that you aren’t paying a price which is higher than the property’s worth. A real estate would tell you exactly how much this property is worth and if you can get a better deal?
  • If you are looking to sell your property, you would want to sell it at an ideal time and to an ideal buyer. Both these things can be identified by a good real estate consultant.
  • Land grabbing in India is one of the fastest growing illegal activities. If you are away from your property, you need someone to ensure that your property is safe and in a good condition.
  • No industry or business area requires more legal paperwork than the real estate deals. To be absolutely sure about the authenticity of the paperwork, a trustworthy real estate consultant is a must.
  • If you are thinking of owning a property at a place where you have never been and also don’t intend to go in the future, it is probably not a great idea. A well established real estate consultant can ensure that such deals are carried out in such a way that you achieve the maximum output.

While you may completely agree with the significance of a well established real estate consultant, you may argue that finding such a reliable professional isn’t the easiest thing to do.

This is where ‘TRISTAR’ comes into the picture. With decades of experience and expertise in the real estate industry, TRISTAR offers solutions to all the property related issues. If you are looking for an expert to keep your property secure for you and keep you updated daily, TRISTAR is the answer for you.

All you need to do is to assign the concerned property to TRISTAR. Once it is associated with TRISTAR, its team of experts would ensure that all the related issues are resolved in a timely manner while keeping the owners updated about the property on a regular basis.

What about the legal matters?

While we have complete faith in the Indian legal system, we understand the fact that most litigations take many years to come to a conclusion. Therefore, keeping in mind the best interests of the customers, we try to resolve most of the issues using arbitration, negotiation, mediation and conciliation. The sole purpose behind our approach is to provide the shortest, easiest and the least expensive way to resolve any disputes.

With years of experience backing us, our team at Tristar is well equipped to handle issues such as registration delays, Stamp issues and other related matters. You need not worry about the legalities of your transactions anymore, leave it to Tristar.

The scope of our legal services extends to, but isn’t restricted to the following

Legal Services for Land Acquisition

  • Facilitation with buyer
  • Price fixation and finalization of terms
  • Documents and permissions for title clearance
  • Documents for adjudication and stamping
  • Registration and notarization
  • Transfer of Patta, EC

Unit Legal Services

  • Unit documentation for plots, land, factory buildings & industrial establishment
  • Pre & post registration documentation
  • Registration & notarization

Stand-alone legal issues

  • Land title search
  • Land litigation management
  • Property documentation & registration
  • Document drafting & execution
  • Evaluation report of proposed site

Other property related legal issues

  • Pre-acquisition Due Diligence
  • Facilitator agreement
  • Project boundary and location demarcation
  • Final report with strategy for land acquisition

Stop worrying about your property in India.

A Trusted real estate comprehensive service provider that achieves customer delight through accountability, discipline and best process.

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TRISTAR Property Management :

If you are looking for someone professional to look after your plot and keep you updated while you are away, you won’t find a better alternative than Tristar Property Management. Our USP is our personalized service with every visit. Additionally, we also offer support to the elderly parents or extended families, whenever requested by NRIs.

Some of the features of our plot monitoring services are:

  • Ensuring that the plot is free from any illegal occupation by regular monitoring
  • Ensuring timely EC, patta, payment of taxes etc. so that the property remains free from any legal hassles
  • Ensuring facilities such as Bore well, EB connection, putting up fence or compound walls around the plot, planting trees and providing exclusive watch and ward services for the plot’s safety
  • Keeping the owner updated regarding the plot’s cleanliness
  • Regular reports and digital pictures of the plot will the sent to the owner
  • We also arrange owner’s visit to the plot depending upon the owner’s requirements
  • The owner will be timely notified if we foresee any forceful attempts to gain the possession of the plot.
  • Arranging plot visits for your relatives even if they are unaware of the plot’s location
  • If the owner demands and is ready to pay nominal extra charges, we can also put up a hoarding at the plot, warning the trespassers.




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