85 lakhs’ fraud prevented by Tristar

fraud prevented by Tristar

One of my eternity friends, who is working in a PSU, is planning to settle down in his native place after retirement in 2020. So he decided to buy 20 acres of agricultural land in Tirunelveli – Tenkasi area.

He identified one such land through his relative / broker and finalized it for a total cost of 85 lakhs. He got the documents checked by a local lawyer known to him in that area. He is planning to buy the land with his own savings and a bank loan. Also, he had already applied for a Bank loan.

Later, he informed me about this proposal and gave the documents for Tristar’s verification. Upon checking the documents, we found out that the original owner of the land is Mr. Subramanian s/o Mr. Sabapathy. Later on, the land changed two hands. As per the documents, EC, Patta, and everything else seem to be legal. I asked him to get the SLR (Settlement Land Record) document from the Collector’s office.

After checking with Collector’s office, the present land owner and the broker informed that there is no such record available with them. I insisted on getting the record even though my friend was not very keen about it. They were not able to get the records. So I asked them to get Hand Chitta (kai cheetta) from the VAO office. This document contains Patta links – who got the land from whom for the last 50/60 years. They got the hand chitta and found out that the original land owner’s name was Mr.Subramanian s/o Mr. Raman instead of Mr. Sabapathy.

I informed my friend that the real owner’s legal heirs can go to court at a later date to file a complaint and then we may have to give up & loose the land. Finally, I managed to convince my friend and he dropped the idea of buying that land.

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